Fifth generation energy systems, low-carbon supply systems, new models for energy suppliers and operators
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Low Temperature Replaces Coal Infrastructure

Many cities and municipalities have committed themselves to ambitious climate protection targets for reducing CO2 emissions. Transforming their heating and cooling supply could make a significant contribution to this.

Detail of the new facade with movable parapet elements made of glass expanded metal as sun protection.
© RKW Architekten. Foto: Carsten Costard

Refurbishment of an office building
Modernisation and expansion of a high-rise ensemble

Newly developed solar shading element made of glass with intermediate expanded metal allows transparency. The artificial light in the offices is presence- and daylight-controlled. The heat is generated using combined heat and power.

The factory buildings of Solvis GmbH from a distance.
© Solvis GmbH, C.Richters

New-build factory
Zero emissions for climate-neutral production and management

The aim was to supply the production and administration facilities with zero-emission energy in the annual balance. This objective was almost reached.