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English Translation of Compendium Published
Lighthouse Projects Showcase Climate-friendly Solutions for Neighbourhoods of Smart Cities

The new book "Innovations and challenges of the energy transition in smart city districts" presents six lighthouse projects that have advanced the energy transition in cities. It combines practical and scientific findings that should enable more climate-friendly districts in the future.


Economic Efficiency and Integration of Energy Storage Systems are Topics at an International Level

Powerful storage systems make it possible to use heat and electricity flexibly over time. The Energy Storage Technology Collaboration Program brings together these technology developments at an international level. Delegates from around 20 partner countries recently met in Berlin.



In the SmartQuart living lab, the energy transition is being driven forward in diversely structured neighbourhoods. Here, you can see the resource protection settlement in Bedburg.

Living Lab for the Energy Transition
Energy-Optimized Neighbourhoods: SmartQuart Shows How it’s Done

Different neighbourhoods can be supplied with climate-friendly energy, as the SmartQuart energy transition real-world laboratory shows.

Two laterally deflected boreholes were drilled into the geothermal reservoir, a 130-metre-thick and 45-million-year-old sandstone layer. The drilling rig is about 40 metres high. (Photographs from 2022)
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IW3: Successful Pumping Tests in Geothermal Project
Geothermal Energy to Supply over 6,000 Hamburg Households with Heat in Future

Households in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg district are to be supplied with climate-friendly heat from a new geothermal plant from spring 2025.

Waste-to-energy plant Stuttgart-Münster

Important milestones reached in the living lab for the energy transition
Save CO2 with Large-Scale Heat Pumps

Large-scale heat pumps are being installed at no less than five power plant sites in the "GWP" real laboratory of the energy transition.


Research Projects

Book published on international building energy competition
Solar Decathlon Europe provides insights for research and teaching

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Around 115,000 people visited the Solar Decathlon Europe competition in Wuppertal in summer 2022. International student teams have presented concepts for climate-friendly buildings in urban environments. Many findings can now be further used in research and practice.

Here you can see a partial segment of the test track encased in a mudguard on which the newly developed tube liners were tested.

Hose Liner Inserted into Pipe System
Rehabilitation of District Heating Pipes Simplified

A team in the "FW-Liner" project has investigated how district heating pipelines can be renovated in a resource-saving way.

In a Living Lab for the Energy Transition in Jena, experts will demonstrate how energy producers, storage systems, and consumers can be intelligently linked in future.
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“JenErgieReal” Living Lab for the Energy Transition
Integrated Energy Supply for Cities

In selected districts in Jena, experts will demonstrate how energy producers, storage systems, and consumers can be intelligently linked.

Here you can see ten covered PVT collectors, each with an area of 1.7 square meters, on an apartment building in Salzgitter-Hallendorf, Lower Saxony.
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PVT collectors combined with heat pumps
Generating Electricity and Heat More Efficiently with Solar Energy

Photovoltaic thermal systems can generate electricity and heat with solar energy.


Research Topics