20.03.2024 | Updated on: 20.03.2024

A recently published guide and a video show how digitalisation can optimise district heating and cooling systems. In a project organised by the International Energy Agency, researchers from eleven countries have developed corresponding solutions.

From system and network operation to maintenance: digital processes are intended to make the entire energy system smarter, more efficient and more reliable - and help to ensure that the energy supply becomes increasingly renewable.

In the international, three-year project "IEA-DHC Annex TS 4 Digitalisation of District Heating and Cooling", experts have investigated and demonstrated how digital processes can be integrated into district heating and cooling systems. For example, they can optimise the operation of flow and return temperatures, pumping stations or multi-source district heating systems. In addition, the continuous transmission of data makes it possible to maintain the heat supply infrastructure with foresight.

More information on the content and results of the project can be found in the recently published video and in the Guidebook for the Digitalisation of District Heating: Transforming Heat Networks for a Sustainable Future on the IEA DHC website.


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