Without a contribution from science, it will not be possible to master the task of turning energy systems around for society as a whole. Research must provide the foundations for accelerating the restructuring of Germany's energy supply and putting it on a secure footing. It helps to develop the necessary concepts, processes and technologies to achieve the goals of energy system transition.

As part of the 7th Energy Research Programme, the Federal Government supports projects that contribute to achieving the energy policy goals of the Federal Government. The 7th Energy Research Programme addresses both technology-specific funding priorities and cross-technology cross-cutting issues. This is because the transformation of the energy landscape must be designed in a cross-system and socially responsible way.

With a view to tapping efficiency potential and integrating renewable energies in the heating sector, the building sector plays a key role in the energy transition process. Buildings and cities are taking on an increasing share of the needs-based, decentralised provision of heating, cooling and electricity, whereby the systemic interaction of buildings, districts and energy infrastructure is gaining in importance. In view of this, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has summarised the funding priorities in the area of energy-optimised buildings and districts in the Energiewendebauen research initiative.

Research funding and practical application

The objectives, guidelines, and priorities of energy transition research are defined by the Federal Government's 7th Energy Research Programme. The Federal Government Report on Energy Research reports annually on the programme’s progress. It offers an in-depth overview of the Federal Government’s funding policy in the field of energy research and provides figures on federal state funding and EU research policy.

Collaborative projects involving strong partnerships between companies and research institutions are the key instrument for research funding in Germany. Industry and science work hand in hand in these publicly funded projects, helping to ensure the subsequent transfer of results and innovations into practice.

The Federal Funding Advisory Service supports research teams in helping them find the right funding programmes. It provides comprehensive advice on the various services of the federal ministries and also offers an insight into funding at the federal state and EU level.



Here you will find current information on energy research policy and project funding by the BMWi in the 7th Energy Research Program.